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If you have a valuable article you would like to post about ecommerce, then feel free to contact our volunteer team. We like to feature fresh perspectives that are up to date with the most popular ecommerce solutions.

There are a few guidelines to guest posting...

  1. Must be at least 500 words

  2. Uses supportive graphics to help communicate the content

  3. Unbiased and factual (be able to back up a disputable claim with a reference)

  4. Should you have an opinion, it needs to be clearly stated as such (i.e. "In my opinion, SuiteCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for NetSuite ERP users")

  5. You should have a track record for the content you are writing about (developer, consultant, or specialist in the field)

  6. Write a short bio to use at the bottom of the article displaying your expertise. We will a contact button to your website if you would like. 

Submit your article topic via the contact form and our team will be in touch shortly to discuss it in more detail. Feel free to submit a URL of an existing post if it is an article that is repurposed. 

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To become an ecommerceReview partner, you will need to contribute at least 5 unique articles containing high quality content. 

What is one article with high quality content?

1. Must have at least 2000 words

2. Graphics making the post visually instructive.

3. References to at least 2 sources​ 

  • Source cannot be from your website

  • Source can be directly from the platform website or one of your competitors

4. Solves a key problem that is commonly searched for (i.e. Shopify vs Magento)